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Ranking Factor (RF)
The ranking factor is a factor specified by the class association between 1.0 and 1.6 for weighting the regattas.
You can find it in the regatta list.

Multiplier (m)
The multiplier indicates how often a regatta is included in the classification.
It depends on the races actually sailed. The following applies:
1 race => m = 1
2 races => m = 2
3 races => m = 3
4 or more races => m = 4
If the regatta is advertised for more than 2 days, the following also applies:
6 or more races => m = 5

Finished Boads (fb)
The number of boats that have finished in at least one race.

Placement (pl)
Your placement in the final results


The ranking points (RP) for a regatta are calculated according to the following formula:
RP = RF * 100 * ((fb + 1 - pl) / fb)
Depending on the multiplier, these ranking points can count up to 5 times.
The average of the 9 best ratings gives the ranking points.